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Despite the rather long period of existence of the CRM services market in the West, it continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the market of information technologies and consulting services to business. IDC expects an annual growth of this market of about 29% per year in the period 1999-2004. This indicator is higher than the annual growth of the information technology services industry, which will be 11% during the same period.

The growth of the market for services in setting up customer relationship management systems will be due to the increasing influence of the role of the Internet in the daily business operations of market participants and the increasing demand for CRM solutions from medium-sized enterprises, which is expected from the end of 2001 to 2004. With the best crm for small business you can now have the smartest options available.

The Start of CRM Now

In 1999, the CRM consulting services market amounted to $ 2.2 billion. The share of CRM systems implementation services will grow from 19% of the market in 1999 to 25% in 2004. Implementation is the second largest segment of the CRM services market. The outsourcing market for CRM applications will grow from $ 23 billion in 1999 to 75.1 billion in 2004. The market for CRM training services will grow by an average of 33% per year and will reach $ 9.1 billion by 2004. Market estimates and forecasts by the Gartner Group are less optimistic.

The European market for CRM services is estimated at $ 1.8 billion in 2000, by 2003 its volume will grow to $ 6 billion. According to data in the field of CRM, their share will decrease from 55% in 1999 to 51% in 2004. The share of Western Europe will remain virtually unchanged at 27-28%. Presently the faculty management system happens to be essential now.

The Industry Differentiation

Significant industry differentiation of demand for CRM services is not expected. Growth will be observed in all sectors and will average 30% per year. IDC predicts the most active growth in the transportation and travel industry, this will be due to the active introduction of an e-business model in the activities of these companies. Also among the most promising industries IDC includes financial and other types of services, telecommunications, and education.

The Last Words

IDC predicts the emergence of new active channels in the market of services in the field of crm platform as well as the process of uniting participants in order to develop more comprehensive and comprehensive proposals. For market participants, IDC recommends focusing on resolving issues related to the integration of all customer information ropes and offering comprehensive solutions.

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