B2b Market Place- Multiple Color Led Strip

What is B2B?

B2B stands for business to business. It is basically the exchange of products and services among companies rather than selling the products directly to customers through global sourcing. Global sourcing is where companies buy goods and services from global markets in order to get cheap raw materials and labor.

What is B2B sourcing platform?

Businesses today have a better access to global suppliers. B2B sourcing platform is a digital platform that is used to outsource products and services for business for a specific area of expertise. Good examples of B2B sourcing platforms are;

-Global sources

-Amazon platform

-Alibaba trading platform


Global sources is a good example of B2B platform since it has a huge number of buyers and suppliers both online and offline. In global sources b2b market place you will find a huge number of suppliers selling multiple color led strips.

What are multiple color led strips?

Multiple color led strip are led strips that have different led that can display different colors that are controlled by input power rails. When a multi colored led is switched forward it lights red and when switched backwards it lights green. If you switch it back and forward it produces a yellow color that is what makes it to be referred to as a multiple color led strip.

Where can you get the multiple color led strip on B2B marketplace?

Most businesses nowadays are being carried out online, this makes it easy for customers and suppliers to interact easily without actually having to meet physically. Multiple color led strips are being sold online now more than ever at a very affordable price and you can get the products at convenient time. Global source is one of the best B2B marketplace where the multiple color led strips are being sold. Most people prefer Global source since it’s easy to order your product online and it will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to order the multiple color led strip on Global source in whole sale?

Buying multiple color led strips in wholesale from Global source costs around 4$ – 7$, this is a lower price compared to what you would pay when you purchase the same product from Alibaba which costs between 14$ – 16$.

How long does it take for shipping to arrive?

Shipping takes approximately 4 business days for it to arrive to your desired destination. This is mainly due to the distance of where you are located. The good thing about Global source is that if you order your multiple color led strips on a Monday, the shipping will be made on the same day this makes it easy for you as a business person.


In conclusion, as a business person who is in the business of selling multiple color led strips, it is very convenient for you to source your supplies from Global source B2B marketplace due to their excellent services.