Details about getting online bank accounts for non-residents of EU and UK

Opening bank accounts are a long time-consuming process, and people need to understand the working process of each bank before applying for their accounts. This process is challenging for people in the same country as the bank, and it is even more challenging for people who are non-residents and need to get bank accounts. So, for those people, several online bank account brokers are available, and their job is to get non-resident bank accounts for people from different countries. But, they will charge for this service and help get all bank accounts in any banks that provide non-resident account services.

These bank account brokering agencies will help to get different kinds of bank accounts like multi-currency business and personal accounts, personal accounts for residents, individual accounts for non-residents and even more. So, people who need to get bank accounts in popular banks and financial institutions can consider these online companies or websites that help people get their bank accounts in several ways. Every service has a charge, but the cost is free for residents’ online personal accounts. For non-resident personal accounts, people need to pay £99, and for online multi-currency business accounts, people need to pay £499.

Different levels in getting bank accounts

People who need to get non-resident bank accounts or other kinds of bank accounts through online platforms should follow some steps, and the process of getting bank accounts will be six different steps. So those steps are

  • Form completion
  • Form submission
  • Documents uploading
  • Application analysis
  • Application pre-approval
  • Service fee payment & account approval

So, these are the steps that people will undergo when they apply for online bank accounts, and each of these steps will have some unique things to do. Following all these steps will help people get bank accounts as quickly as possible, and several benefits are available with these online bank accounts.

Form completion

To get a non-resident account or other bank accounts online, people must fill out the common application in all the banks. The application will ask for specific details about the person applying for the bank account.

Form submission

After filling out the form, people can submit them to the agency through the online portal they start the application process. In this process, they need to click the submit button on the screen to complete the job.

Documents uploading

After applying, people need to submit all the necessary documents for getting non-resident bank accounts with all the benefits. For final approval, all these documents are essential for creating the bank account from the bank side.

Application analysis

The applicant’s application will undergo various analysis processes that help the banks gain more details about the applicant and search for the person’s financial history. They also check that they fit well all the eligibility criteria of their banks.

Application pre-approval

After completing the analysis, the bank will move to the pre-approval process necessary for all the non-resident bank accounts and other similar accounts. So, in this process, they create unique bank ids and other things to provide for the applicants.

Service fee payment & account approval

After all these processes, the applicant will get the account approval, and they need to complete the service fee for the company and the bank to complete this job perfectly and on time.


So, these are some details to know about non-resident bank accounts and the process to get funds in various banks with third-party broker sites online. Most of these websites are trustable; people can use them to create their international bank accounts in all countries, especially in the EU and UK.