Some Of The Zodiac Plants You Need To Know About

Astrological studies are never ending and experts have come up with one study which tells you about the lucky plants as per your Zodiac sign. If you are curious about understanding your lucky plant and the Zodiac then you are on the right page as you can get all the details here. Astrologers also recommend that when you have plants as per your Zodiac sign they will help you balance and heal in life. Just like you use the precious gemstones you should also rely on Zodiac Plants list (ต้นไม้ ประจำ ราศี which is a term in Thai).

Some Of The Zodiac Plants List That You Should Be Aware About


the fire sign rules Mars and if you are in Aries then you are surely the go getter magnetic and fears. Some of the lucky plants for your Zodiac sign as per the zodiac plants list include red roses coriander and sarsaparilla.


Taurus is the sign of earth and they are prominent for stubbornness. Taurus will love the flowering plant because they are just the epitome of love. Some of the lucky plants for this Zodiac include spinach sage and lavender.


The 2 main characteristics of Gemini people include quick witted and expressive. Some of the lucky plants for the Zodiac include orchid’s carrots lavender Lily and dill.


Cancer is prominently known as the water sign and it rules the moon. Zodiac is lucky with the plants that grow close 2 different types of water bodies and have huge water content. Some of the plants lucky for cancer include peppermint water lilies Broccolli Daisy and white roses


Leo is a fire sign and it rules the sun. Some of the plants that can shower great luck on leos are surely the plants that have heart shaped themes. These plans include Chinese cabbage Marigold sunflower saffron chamoli and Rosemary.


The earth sign Virgo rules the mercury and the plants featuring finely divided leaves or small perky flowers delicate aroma is surely lucky for Virgo. Some of the lucky plants include BlackBerry and Violet.


Libre is an air sign and it is ruling Venus. The flowering plants that are lovely having great fragrance r favourites of these Zodiac signs. Some of the plants which are lucky for the sign include Daisy spinach eggplant apple olive thyme and mint.


Scorpio is likely to be the water sign and the plants lucky for the sign includes mushroom aloe Vera mustard reddish and chives.