Get Complete Guidance Of Ball Cage LM Guide SSR

The Ball cage LM SSR is a well-equipped rigidity system that achieves highly accurate linear motion. The LM-rail and LM-block are the four rows of raceways for the rolling ball. Every row of the ball has its inclined angle of 45 degrees. The reason why rated loads show four directions that is radial, reverse-radial and lateral. We will also examine the bearing cage LM Guide SSR benefits and uses below.

LM Guide SSR

The ball bearings can eliminate friction between the minimal noise and the directions. The model is Bearing Cage LM Guide SSR (รังลูกปืน LM Guide SSR, which is the term in Thai) that produces high speed while working and is not very loud. Talking about the features, it is highly compact and is suitable for running in a horizontal plane. It also can adjust the system by itself. The model exists in stainless steel, both in rails and blocks. It is also corrosion-resistant.

This model has low sectional height and the ball contact structure at 90 Degrees in the radial direction. It makes the model an optimal model for horizontal guide units.

Other LM Products

Other than SSR, there are a few more models with different properties; look below.

·        SHS

Each row of balls is arranged at a contact angle of 45 degrees; therefore, this model is used in all directions. The LM block will have a cross-sectional shape similar to SHS-C with a longer overall LM block length. It also has greater rated loading power.

·        SVR

It is suitable for ultra-heavy loads like radial type. It also has higher rigidity and load-bearing capacity than the caged ball LM guide series. Due to the power of dust control performance, it can maintain the version of the LM guide and achieve reliability.

·        SVS

It also has a higher rigidity and load-bearing capacity than the caged ball LM guide. It can also achieve high reliability by controlling the dust control performance with various options.

·        SHW

LM rail usually has a comprehensive structure and a low center of gravity. Due to this, the LM guide achieves a high Mc moment. SHW is considered a complete rail model.

·        SCR

LM guide follows the concept of an orthogonal LM system to perform X-Y motion without a saddle. The EPF model is also one that is considered a limited stroke model. The fixed stroke can minimize fluxion and make the guide ideal for the location.