Resin Solution: Understanding Its Varied Applications And Usage

The resin solution is made of trees and plants extracted from resin material. The clear casting resin solution is however a UV-resistant and non-yellowing transparent casting resin which lasts for about 16 minutes. They make attractive lifecasting.

What Are The Applications Of Resin Solution?

The clear casting resin is a transparent polyurethane casting resin when there is a requirement for a non-yellowing, UV-resistant and hard product. The clear resin solution is in high demand by the encapsulated objects. Some of the basic uses of clear casting resin are given below:

  • Rapid prototypes
  • Special Effects
  • Sculpture Reproductions
  • Giftware, etc.

Characteristics Of Resin Solution

The two-part polyurethane casting is known as clear castยางซิลิโคนราคาย่อมเยา-m-series. The mixing of clear casting resin is done one-to-one according to volume and its curing happens at room temperature. The cured clear cast resin is resistant to UV and non-yellowing. To maintain the clear casting resing’s surface clarity, you can consider using a condensation-cure or even platinum-cure silicone mould materials.

Clear casting resin offers a mixture of performance properties that include mechanical strength, optical clarity, gloss retention, and resistance to both yellowing and hydrolysis. Every user should determine the product’s suitability for the intended purpose. Furthermore, one must also consider the conditions where the parts are manufactured.

Usage Instruction For Clear Casting Resin

You can get 15 minutes approx. from the clear casting resin solution to mix and pour the casting before it turns into a gel. Here is how you can use the resin solution:

  • Measurement of Curative and Pre-Polymer
  • Use two clean and dry plastic containers of the same size.
  • Measure the same amounts of curative and the pre-polymer.
  • Avoid measuring more clear casting resin than you can manage to pour within its pot life of 15 minutes.
  • Once you have mixed the curative and pre-polymer. You would have around 15 minutes to pour the casting into clean dry plastic containers.

Combining Curative And Pre-Polymer

  • Mix the two ingredients for about 45 seconds. Steer clear of creating any air bubble formation.
  • Use either a metal utensil or even a plastic container to combine the clear casting resin. Count on a vacuum chamber to eliminate all types of air bubbles.

Pouring The Casting

Be careful when pouring the mixture into the mould. Slightly tilt the mould and pour the mixture into one part of the mould. Be slow when pouring to avoid the formation of air bubbles.

When you complete pouring, you can either tap the mould sides or vibrate the mould to release the extra bubbles.

Demoulding And Cure Casting

After pouring the casting, leave the mould undisturbed for around 24 hours. Though you can start working with the cast right after demolding. You should take 6 hours to post-cure your cast at 72 degrees Celsius.

Apart from this, you must ensure proper storage and handling of resin solution. Avoid keeping the resin solution exposed to moisture. Also, make sure to go through the Material Safety Data Sheet before you begin using the resin.